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Mar 28 2017

Summer is here and so is scorching humidity and burning sunrays. Though when it began to feel warm, I was way more than happy, but now it seems that winters were far better. The only thing that I like about summer is the styling options, which we get.

Although you can wear your favorite jeans anytime during the night, daytime can be struggling with body hugging denims. It causes skin abrasions and redness that can be very uncomfortable during those hot and humid days. Thus long skirts with printed or plain pattern are making headlines. You can see the different variety of designer skirts online.

Apart from being a fine addition into your wardrobe, they can actually make these summers more relaxing for you and your skin. They let you skin breathe as they do not stick to your body and provide it room to breathe comfortably. They fit everyone and anybody can wear these skirts, as their free flowing silhouette looks appealing on every body type. No wonder they continue to make trend even in this year. There are plenty of ways in which you can flaunt your favorite skirt. So check out these cool ways and showoff your style.

1. Denim jackets- Yes. Denim jackets can be worn practically with almost everything. Even with long skirts. A contrast between the two opposite textures produces a chic and edgy look.

Crop Top- Want to show off your toned mid-riff? Well then nothing can beat the charm of flaunting a crop top with long skirt. You can find some amazing printed skirts online. You can pair it with stylish crop tops to balance the feminity and casual side of yours.

White Shirts- If you thought skirts are only for casual look, you can never be further from the truth. It`s all about pairing and styling which makes an outfit casual or formal. Take your perfectly ironed white shirt and wear it with a long skirt. It will make your personality look graceful without making you look like you are out for shopping.

So wear your skirt with great confidence and panache as it will make you look more attractive and elegant. Pick your printed skirt online, today!

Mar 22 2017

Summers are here! And I don`t know about you, but people like me are more than just happy. The burden of woolen coats and boots were getting too much and the numbness of the weather was making it difficult for me to enjoy various activities. While winters give you lot of opportunities to dress up, summer has its own share of style.

From traditional to modern, there are so many choices that our wardrobe stays full with trendy shades, chic clothes. For women especially this is the time to highlight their personality with tailor made clothes that will accent the good features. From ethnic kurtis to cotton skirts, dresses to tunics, palazzos to jeans, there are so many options, which women can wear.

For ladies who go to workplace have plethora of bottoms to pair up with their straight fitted or flared cotton kurtis. This will provide a magnitude of change in their personality and the dressing sense as well. For example if you wear your favorite kurti with leggings or salwars, you can look different by just pairing it with palazzos for a day. Also you can pair it with a skirt which looks very versatile. For more formal appearance, you can also wear trousers and an elegant short kurti with mandarin collar. This will give you an ideal look for a workplace.

College going girls have gamut of options to pick from. They can pair their favorite jeans with kurti or can opt for adorable cotton printed dresses in pretty colors. These dresses come with well accentuated waist and added flare which gives your personality a feminine touch. If you want to experiment with your looks, you can also slip into cotton long printed skirts. Pair it with kolapuri slippers and a cute tank top to complete the look.

You can shop for your favorite outfit from www.veryme.in, as they offer flat 30% off on a stylish collection for the young guns of India who believes in leading a simple yet versatile lifestyle. They are offering huge discounts on their entire collection to make your summer special!

Mar 10 2017

Clothing styles of men has completely transformed in this 21st century. Men used to wear fitting formal shirts and now men prefer to look more casual. To meet the changing trends of men, many clothing companies started the trends of printed shirts which can be worn as formal as well as casual clothing.

cotton printed shirt

Today, cotton printed shirts are the first choice of men as they can be worn everywhere and anytime. You can wear them to office as a formal shirt or you can go for an outing with your friends wearing the same shirt. Fitted printed shirts are the best as they perfectly align with your body

For a formal look, you can unfold the sleeves and button up the cuffs as well as the collar. Tuck the bottom of the shirt under your jeans and you are ready for an official meeting. A well ironed shirt would be more ideal for a formal look. Shirts printed with paisley designs, simple motifs and spotted prints are more appropriate. You will certainly enjoy wearing these shirts as it makes you look more alive and energetic. If you are wearing these shirts to office, you can wear them over jeans and cotton trousers with stylish formal shoes. You are going to see a dynamic change in your style when you wear these cotton printed shirts as formal clothes.

For a casual look, you can wear these shirts over track pants, shorts or joggers. When wearing as a casual shirt, pick bright colors and lively prints which can enhance your style. Floral patterns, graphic prints and foliage prints are ideal if you want to attain a casual look. You can wear these shirts when on an outing or during a holiday vacation. Loosen up the collar, fold the sleeves, unbutton your shirt and you are ready to flaunt your casual look.

You can choose any color and style of printed shirts online by shopping from veryme.in. They have a huge collection of printed shirts along with other exclusive clothing range to help to get the style you desire.

Mar 06 2017

Holi is here and you must be thinking about heading off to a party with your friends to play colors. If you are confused about what to wear on this playful festival, well then we are here to help you out. You can spruce up your style by dressing up appropriately for this festival. VeryMe is your place to go when you are unsure of the outfit you must adorn on this festival. Here are some exclusive styling tips just for you!

latest fashion clothing

1. A white crisp cotton kurti or kurta, has been dominating Holi festival since years. And this color has all the reasons to do so. The pristine shade of white highlights every color that you get smeared in. It displays the diverse and splendid essence of this Indian festival in the most beautiful way. So girls and guys, gear up and slip into a white cotton kurti or kurta and brace yourselves to showcase the incredible colors.

2. Yes, we have praised the shade of white above. But if you think that there is no reason to think beyond then behold. Holi is a festival of colors but that does not mean you have to play it all white. You can pick a colored kurti or a kurta, if you do not like to play colors. You can still be a part of the festival by cheering for your friends in traditional outfits.

3. Always give comfort the first preference. Especially girls! Always wear clothes that are neither clingy nor loose. Dress moderately as nobody would like to attract unwanted attention due to inappropriate dressing.

4. Floral print is the new fad this Holi Season. So you can also pick a nice and cute printed cotton dress if you do not wish to take part in playing colors. You can enjoy all the mouth-watering dishes and yummy desserts by keeping up with the latest style.

If you do not have the time to rush to a nearby store, open your laptop and visit our website. Here you can find plethora of choices and categories for both men and women. Now you can avail Flat 10% off on the entire range of the apparels at VeryMe. Also you can enjoy extra 20% off by using the Coupon Code- HOLI20. Hurry as the offer is limited till March, 20, 2017.

Feb 18 2017

Have you ever looked at someone who always look put together? Who wear clothes that you would never like to even try and still look amazing? While you can’t always decipher their code-of-dressing up, you can always follow their lead and avoid making mistakes when it comes to styling.

If you follow a trend just because it`s in trend or wear a dress because its ‘IN’, then you are making a big mistake. Every other week there is a new fad and new style coming up! Stylish people never become a slave of the changing trend, but rather they make apparels stylish by adding a personal touch in it. So do not expect to look good with every fashion trend because not everything is made for everyone.

Even if the world is obsessed with something, you be the judge of whether it`s right for you. Go forth only if you are ready and completely into it. If you really want to look fashionable, always dress to please yourself and not the people around you. If you like wearing cotton printed kurti then go for it. If you want to wear cotton printed dress, then do not hesitate to slip into one.

People who are their own stylists, know how important it is to wear a perfectly fit clothes. That is why the collection that you will find at VeryMe, is tailor made for everyone. With appropriate measurements and exact statistics, our professionals have designed every dress with utmost care and precision. It is worth to have fewer pieces in your wardrobe that fits like a glove, than a ton of apparels that look like a sack. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Never wear something you do not feel okay in because the chances are that it`s going to show on your face.

VeryMe is offering great discounts on their fashion apparels for both men and women. From ethnic kurtis, sarongs, kaftans, cotton printed dresses to Nehru jackets, casual shirts and long kurta, one can find something for them. With Flat 30% Off on all the trending apparels and accessories, you can look as stylish as the people you keep admiring all day long!

Feb 13 2017

If you are wondering that all your pretty kurtis, sarees and dhoti pants will go at one corner of your closet because of the chilly winters, then you are completely wrong. Now as the market is crammed with so many varieties, wearing a kurti in winters has become even more stylish. From short jackets for women to shawls, there are plenty of options that women can now sport with great confidence and look.

short jackets for women

Most of the Indian women wear kurtis all the time. It is that one ensemble that suits every woman of any age. These can be worn at your workplace, to any wedding or engagement party. By just adding couple of accessories, you can look glamorous and more fashionable. As the season of winter is comparatively cold in some regions, wearing a jacket whether long or short over a kurti can be a good idea. Depending on the type of kurti that you are wearing, you can pick a jacket according to it and can look like a fashionable diva.

If you have to go to some engagement in the chilling month of December, and you have decided to wear anarkali suit for that occasion, you can wear it with a jacket. Pick an embellished short jacket that can be worn over any kurti and pair it with your anarkali. This will help you to stay warm without compromising on style.

For those who love wearing kurtis to their workplace or college, they can also try wearing a simple jacket over their kurti for an elegant look. Choose a pastel shade of kurti and match it with a jacket in bright color to add stars to your personality. You can also pick jackets in various prints.

Women who love to keep it simple and sophisticated can pick jackets in printed patterns. You can pair it with a simple and plain kurti as it looks magnificent due to chic prints and visually enhance color schemes.

Wearing a jacket over a traditional can give you an updated and classy look. So do not hesitate to try this new trend which is running even on ramps these days. Make sure you select it in coordinating shades to look pretty and gorgeous. 

Feb 09 2017

“Fashion is short-lived, but the style is eternal”, a great designer has once said. Nothing can add a dash of style to your outfit than a beautiful handbag. A handbag is the perfect accessory that enhances the personality in the most graceful way. Be it a casual outing or a formal dinner, wedding or your workplace, an ideal purse will help you complete your look. Although there are various kinds of bags available in the market, I have rounded up my favorite one that every fashionable woman should have.

college bags online

1) Shoulder strap- The first purse that tops the list is the one shoulder strap bag. This bag is generally popular because of its universal appeal. It is common because of its attractive shape and medium size. They also come with double strap which makes it easier for a person to carry them. These bags add a touch of class to any ensemble.

2) Satchels- This bag is small in size and mostly come in geometrical shapes. It generally has a small shape and an adjustable strap connected to it. You can adjust the size of the strap according to the length you would prefer. It also has multiple pockets that help you to keep your things in the most organized way.

3) Hobo bag- This bag is typically a half-moon shaped bag that college going girls love to carry. These handbags are made from soft material and look best with maxi skirts, dresses and long dresses. One can also carry these bags with kurtis.

4) Tote- These bags are everyone`s favorite and most of the girls are familiar with this one. They come in colorful patterns and designs that girls usually love. With a large size and single compartment, they are best suited for people who have lot of stuff to carry along. It usually has a small pocket inside the large compartment, so that you can keep your money in it.

5) The Clutch- Small rocket in your pocket. This line defines them the best. They come in small sizes and are used at formal occasions. They come in different angular shapes. The most famous one is the envelope shaped, which is generally larger as compared to the rest of the clutch.

The above mentioned types are the bags that can make anyone stylish as they are easily found in the market place or online. So pick your favorite one, today!

Apart from them many other fascinating college bags for boys or girls are available online. They can choose according to their requirement  & personality.

Feb 07 2017

Fashion keeps changing. The fresh new designs replace the old ones. The old ones undergo huge transformations and make a comeback with an interesting twist. There was a time when the term fashion was just women`s prerogative. But the time has changed and now it caters as generously to men, as it does to women. Now our metropolitan men are becoming more aware and advanced, when it comes to menswear.

nehru jackets

They are now more open to their grooming part and not shy to come forward, when it comes to experimenting with their looks. One of the oldest styles that has always been present but have been undergoing lot of revival is Nehru Jackets. These jackets are called Nehru jackets because the style has been made popular by India`s First Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. They are also called bandhgala in various places.

Stylish, sophisticated and elegant! These three words define this latest fad in the best way. It is a versatile piece of clothing that will make you the highlight of any function or party. Those who are hesitant to go all ethical, these jackets are the safe way of dressing up. These jackets will give you a sensible dressing style without making it look like ‘wedding-ready’. If you want to give a little break to your formal suits, these jackets can help you.

Due to their semi-formal appeal, these can be worn anytime and anywhere. You can also pair nehru jacket with your favorite pair of denims, trousers and pants if you are going to your work place. If you want to make an exception in your wardrobe, you can wear it over a traditional kurta. This will give you a perfect appeal for your friend`s engagement party.

For a casual and stylish look you can flaunt your jacket casually, you can pair it with a casual daily wear shirt. Wear your jeans and shirt and put on the jacket over it, it will look as cool and elegant as it will with ethnic wear.

Feb 01 2017

It`s always fun to dress up and why it should not be? Well dressing up gives you a sense of confidence in yourself. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you can conquer the world. But this week dressing up is even more important. Why? Well, because Valentine`s day is about to bang on your door with all its strength. So whether you feel giddy or grumble, this day is certainly going to knock you off with its presence everywhere.

So whether you are an admirer for western dresses or have a soft corner for traditional outfits, this valentine`s day look your best. With so many options and choices, in the market, there is no way that you look like an outfit repeater. If you are thinking about buying something new, just for his day, then you can pick anything from western to traditional outfit.

There is always something romantic about cotton printed dresses that come in cute and adorable prints. They make for a perfect dress that can also be worn long after Valentine`s Day, without making you looking date-ready! Adorned with unique details, these dresses will surely make you stand out of the crowd and make your partner fall in love with you all over again. You can also make a stylish statement by carrying a beautiful sling bag in heart shaped to announce your arrival. Throw on some silver neckpiece to spice up your whole look.

Dressing up stylishly, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a body-con dress, or a short tunic. You can also define your Valentine`s day by looking gorgeous even in a traditional faux silk kurti. Be it long or a short one, kurtis never go out of style. You can simply wear them over your favorite leggings, palazzos, straight fit trousers and your favorite pair of jeans. They will look as elegant as a dress, and will certainly impress your partner.

Men who are looking for a stylish snatch can slip into casual printed shirts. These shirts will make you look like you are all dressed up casually and not only for the Valentine`s day purpose. For those who want to look super stylish can pick Nehru jackets to throw on their crisp white formal shirt.

Shop for yourself as well as for your partner from VeryMe. With Flat 20% OFF on trendy apparels, you can also purchase a matching bag at Flat 25% off to complete your look. Get an additional 10% off on order Rs 2000 and above with the Coupon Code- FASHION10. To enjoy extra 5% discount on bags, shop above Rs1000 and use the Coupon Code- BAG5.

Jan 25 2017

Women no matter where she belongs to own multiple totes handbags to coordinate and compliment with different accessories, outfits and outings. People use their bags for so many purposes so finding the perfect one for a particular occasion is extremely important. The size, material, compartments and color all affect the use of the bag under different situations.

When it comes to pick a bag for a regular use, one should always think about practical options. Selecting and buying a bag for regular use and college purpose requires a lot of control. Sometimes falling for every piece that you see in the market can sometimes trick you into buying a useless product.

The primary thing that you have to keep in mind when you are hunting for a perfect college bag is its utility. A bag which is extremely gorgeous but doesn’t serve the purpose of carrying the weight of your books is not worth of your money. Hence the most essential aspect is that analyze the purpose and amount of stuff you would be carrying in it.

Select a college bag according to your body shape and size. Buying a college bag bigger than your own body shape and size will never let you be comfortable. If your body size is petite, go for totes that are small and doesn’t have a huge appearance. Girls with tall figure should go for bags that are neither too large nor too small. Choose a bag with spacious compartments and allows you to stay organized, during every lecture.

Choosing a color can be simple yet tricky for most of the people. It could be tricky, for those who want their bag to match their every outfit and simple, for those who prefer simplistic approach. For those, who want to make bold statement can go for vibrant shades that will spice up their attire. Black and brown can be chosen, if you want to play safe, as these two shades are fail safe choice.

College life is all about fun and carefree days, so do not weigh down your special days under the burden of books. Pick a trendy one for you that will help to switch between different lectures, hassle-free.  

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