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May 26 2017

Carry those beautifully printed sarongs for your summer beach vacations and take the best of selfie with your friends in those glamorously wrapped fabrics. You can flaunt them by wearing it around your waist area by topping it with a tube top or you can wear it in a halter neck style. The vibrant prints in floral, zebra print, ethnic patterns on summer cool lavender, yellow, white and pinks would make feel like a star of the show. Own your cotton printed voile sarong from Veryme and head to the beach.


But wait… Let’s not restrict ourselves to just beach attire, let’s experiment with the styling of the fabric. At the beach, you may still feel cool in the presence of the sand and water but when you go to higher altitude places for a vacation, you may require dressing the sarong differently.

Wrap-up your head by converting your sarong into a headscarf in a hijab style to shield self from the intense heat rays of the sun and evade tanning issues. Also, you can adopt this look in case your friends suddenly switch plans to visit a temple. Here, you can give your sarong a traditional twist.

To tell you honestly, these sarongs are made from premium grade cotton which is mix with a tiny amount of polyester to add strength to the fabric. This high-quality cotton fabric will certainly make you feel cool and comfortable. They are ideal for wearing in humid places where you are likely to sweat a lot.

Get these cotton sarongs online from veryme.in and let your style be seen by all. They are colorfast in nature and can be washed regularly. The more you wash them the softer it gets and the more comfortable you feel when wearing them. 

May 23 2017

You are incomplete without fashion and style thus, to complete your style here, is the trendy collection of college bags in India that will make you look perfect and also stand you away from the usual crowd.

The tempting colors and designs are printed to suit the style of every gender. Both boys and girls can carry the same bag as they are designed by combining the likes of young boys and girls.

These bags are designed to impart a stylish look that will suit with any outfit. They are stylish, spacious and strong therefore can endure the huge weight of your belongings without causing and stress on your shoulders. The bags are also designed with multiple pockets to help you organize your belongings. The interiors of these bags are also padded to ensure the safety of your things. Get these college bags for boys and let your personality shine.

They are designed with urban prints which give a unique look to your style. You will never have to feel old our outdated when you are carrying this bag as it imparts a youthful look.

You might be thinking that the bag which is of very light weight and has trendy designs will able to carry the burden of your belongings like notebooks, water bottle earphone, pen drive etc . Then let us clear you that it has ample of space inside and also in front there are two pockets which will hold all of your belonging.

They are also very comfortable to carry. The straps in these bags are adjustable which allow you to adjust the length according to your style and height.

All eyes will be on you as you walk inside the gates of your college campus. The colors and prints are perfectly coordinated to give a stylish appearance.

Get these college bags online from veryme.in and make your style popular in college.

May 18 2017

Make yourself ready for any occasion wearing these stylish ethnic kurtis. Rearrange your wardrobe with the latest designs and color of kurtis and be an urban desi woman. These kurtis have a certain charming look which will make you look fashionable. This timeless trend is now the desire of every urban woman as they offer the style, comfort and confidence every time you step out of your home.

Invited to the destination wedding of a friend? No problem, you can look as beautiful as a bride in this stylish ethnic attire. Want to go shopping with your friends? Put on this elegant ethnic kurtis and you are ready for an outing. If you are in a hurry and still you want to look attractive, this kurti is the best choice for you. With contrasting leggings and stylish jutis, you will look as fabulous as a princess. Earrings, necklace and bracelets can also be worn with the attire when you are attending a special function.

These cotton printed kurtis are designed in different prints and patterns as women have different tastes in style and want to look unique. You can choose from old traditional themes to urban ethnic designs. Paisley prints, floral patterns, urban designs and intricate motifs make these kurtis perfect for young girls as well as mid-aged women.

You can also wear churidar or stoles to attain a more decent look. They are comfortable to wear as well. Premium grade light-weight cotton fabric is used in these kurtis to ensure utmost comfort and coolness during hot summer seasons. VeryMe offers these high-end kurtis in the most elegant prints and exquisite color combinations.

You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors at veryme.in. Moreover, they don’t need much maintenance as they are colorfast in nature. Get these kurtis now and revive the look of Indian ethnicity. 

May 09 2017

We are all familiar with the phrase “old is gold” and we are also familiar with the old style of clothing. So girls if you still in love with the fashion of the 90s, you must definitely try these printed long skirts. Veryme has brought back the old fashion trend of skirts with a modern outlook to help urban women revive their old youthful look.

These skirts are not like you have seen before as they are designed in perfect color combination and sophisticated prints. You will fall in love with this skirt as soon as you see it. Designed in urban ethnic themes and vibrant color combinations, these skirts will help you stand out from the crowd.

Being so attractive, you can wear them everywhere you go. You can attend a family function wearing this skirt or you can even wear them during festivals and parties. These skirts are made from 1 single piece of cloth except the border at the bottom, which is stitched with the reverse side of the fabric.

These skirts also help you hide your original body shape by offering a perfect body fitting look. With crops tops or blouse as you top wear, you will be ready to attain every occasion. You can comfortably and confidently enjoy your outing without any fuss. They are made from premium grade cotton which makes them soft and free flowing. You can wear them all day without a pinch of irritation on your skin. You can also make these cotton printed skirts your dress for this summer season.

Try to pair your long skirts with contrasting color of tops as this way you can show off your new printed skirt. You can also choose footwear like Kolhapuri sleepers, fancy sandals or party shoes with color-coordinated designs. Additionally, you can wear bracelets, jewelry, and ankle bracelets to enhance your style.

Apr 10 2017

The summer is ready and so are we with our latest trends and styles for men. The scorching summers surely call for a comfy outfits that will let your skin breathe and will keep you relaxed. Women have plenty of options when it comes to fashion trends, but men are still limited to trousers and jeans.

But slowly-slowly Indian men are realizing that there are far more options than they have presumed. Now apart from linen shirts and Sandoz they also have short kurta to wear in summer. When it comes to men`s casual wardrobe, these kurta can be a pleasant change. If you have not tried them already, maybe it is time for you to ditch those regular casuals of yours.

This summer take a break from your regular denims and upgrade your wardrobe with elusive collection of cotton short kurta for men. These short kurtas can be worn with plenty of different bottom wears that will make you look stylish. If your workplace does not have a strict dress code then you can flaunt your traditional look even in your office.

A mix of ethnic and western wear is always a good idea if you like to experiment with your looks. From silk kurta to short cotton kurta, there is plethora of options which are available for men if they want to walk the ethnic route. But the main component that can highlight or overshadow your personality is the color of the attire you have selected to wear. A bright shaded designer kurta can surely make you look like a desi hero amidst your friends and family.

For those who like to be stylish without going overboard with latest trends can opt for subtle shades. Beige or almond color, the neutral tone of this color will lend a warm and elegance appeal to your personality. It would look even better if you accessorize it with Nehru jacket in contrasting color. Play more and look dapper in ethnic short kurta.

Mar 29 2017
How to Look Best In Cotton Long Kurtis
Veryme admin 2 Comment(s)
We all know that kurtis are traditional clothing but even with it, you can look your best. You just need the right style that matches your personality and the trend. If you have the desire to look better and enhance your personality, you can get the best kurtis online from veryme.in. They have an extraordinarily beautiful collection of traditional dresses and clothing accessories designed in the most elegant fashion.

These cotton long kurtis are simply beautiful and looks good on every woman. They have a traditional touch but the prints and colors are all incorporated to bring a modern flair to the dress. You can choose from a wide range of designs from VeryMe as they have a huge collection comprising of floral designs, modern colorful prints, and traditional motifs. You can match the printed long kurtis with contrasting leggings which will highlight your style. Get one black and one white legging as you can wear it with any print and color of kurti.

You can wear stylish sandals, heels or pumps with this kurti. Choose footwear that is comfortable and goes well with your dress. You can also wear scarfs or stoles with this dress to look more attractive and fashionable. With a bag on your grip, you will look fashionable like a celebrity.

Don’t look at the color itself, try it on and see if it fits perfectly because only the flawless fitting kurtis looks good. These apparels are ideal for young girls as well, as it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. An attractive kurti, with contrasting leggings, stylish footwear, and printed scarves, you are going to look fabulous in every occasion. You can also wear other accessories like necklace and bracelets during special functions and festivals.
Mar 28 2017

Summer is here and so is scorching humidity and burning sunrays. Though when it began to feel warm, I was way more than happy, but now it seems that winters were far better. The only thing that I like about summer is the styling options, which we get.

Although you can wear your favorite jeans anytime during the night, daytime can be struggling with body hugging denims. It causes skin abrasions and redness that can be very uncomfortable during those hot and humid days. Thus long skirts with printed or plain pattern are making headlines. You can see the different variety of designer skirts online.

Apart from being a fine addition into your wardrobe, they can actually make these summers more relaxing for you and your skin. They let you skin breathe as they do not stick to your body and provide it room to breathe comfortably. They fit everyone and anybody can wear these skirts, as their free flowing silhouette looks appealing on every body type. No wonder they continue to make trend even in this year. There are plenty of ways in which you can flaunt your favorite skirt. So check out these cool ways and showoff your style.

1. Denim jackets- Yes. Denim jackets can be worn practically with almost everything. Even with long skirts. A contrast between the two opposite textures produces a chic and edgy look.

Crop Top- Want to show off your toned mid-riff? Well then nothing can beat the charm of flaunting a crop top with long skirt. You can find some amazing printed skirts online. You can pair it with stylish crop tops to balance the feminity and casual side of yours.

White Shirts- If you thought skirts are only for casual look, you can never be further from the truth. It`s all about pairing and styling which makes an outfit casual or formal. Take your perfectly ironed white shirt and wear it with a long skirt. It will make your personality look graceful without making you look like you are out for shopping.

So wear your skirt with great confidence and panache as it will make you look more attractive and elegant. Pick your printed skirt online, today!

Mar 22 2017

Summers are here! And I don`t know about you, but people like me are more than just happy. The burden of woolen coats and boots were getting too much and the numbness of the weather was making it difficult for me to enjoy various activities. While winters give you lot of opportunities to dress up, summer has its own share of style.

From traditional to modern, there are so many choices that our wardrobe stays full with trendy shades, chic clothes. For women especially this is the time to highlight their personality with tailor made clothes that will accent the good features. From ethnic kurtis to cotton skirts, dresses to tunics, palazzos to jeans, there are so many options, which women can wear.

For ladies who go to workplace have plethora of bottoms to pair up with their straight fitted or flared cotton kurtis. This will provide a magnitude of change in their personality and the dressing sense as well. For example if you wear your favorite kurti with leggings or salwars, you can look different by just pairing it with palazzos for a day. Also you can pair it with a skirt which looks very versatile. For more formal appearance, you can also wear trousers and an elegant short kurti with mandarin collar. This will give you an ideal look for a workplace.

College going girls have gamut of options to pick from. They can pair their favorite jeans with kurti or can opt for adorable cotton printed dresses in pretty colors. These dresses come with well accentuated waist and added flare which gives your personality a feminine touch. If you want to experiment with your looks, you can also slip into cotton long printed skirts. Pair it with kolapuri slippers and a cute tank top to complete the look.

You can shop for your favorite outfit from www.veryme.in, as they offer flat 30% off on a stylish collection for the young guns of India who believes in leading a simple yet versatile lifestyle. They are offering huge discounts on their entire collection to make your summer special!

Mar 10 2017

Clothing styles of men has completely transformed in this 21st century. Men used to wear fitting formal shirts and now men prefer to look more casual. To meet the changing trends of men, many clothing companies started the trends of printed shirts which can be worn as formal as well as casual clothing.

cotton printed shirt

Today, cotton printed shirts are the first choice of men as they can be worn everywhere and anytime. You can wear them to office as a formal shirt or you can go for an outing with your friends wearing the same shirt. Fitted printed shirts are the best as they perfectly align with your body

For a formal look, you can unfold the sleeves and button up the cuffs as well as the collar. Tuck the bottom of the shirt under your jeans and you are ready for an official meeting. A well ironed shirt would be more ideal for a formal look. Shirts printed with paisley designs, simple motifs and spotted prints are more appropriate. You will certainly enjoy wearing these shirts as it makes you look more alive and energetic. If you are wearing these shirts to office, you can wear them over jeans and cotton trousers with stylish formal shoes. You are going to see a dynamic change in your style when you wear these cotton printed shirts as formal clothes.

For a casual look, you can wear these shirts over track pants, shorts or joggers. When wearing as a casual shirt, pick bright colors and lively prints which can enhance your style. Floral patterns, graphic prints and foliage prints are ideal if you want to attain a casual look. You can wear these shirts when on an outing or during a holiday vacation. Loosen up the collar, fold the sleeves, unbutton your shirt and you are ready to flaunt your casual look.

You can choose any color and style of printed shirts online by shopping from veryme.in. They have a huge collection of printed shirts along with other exclusive clothing range to help to get the style you desire.

Mar 06 2017

Holi is here and you must be thinking about heading off to a party with your friends to play colors. If you are confused about what to wear on this playful festival, well then we are here to help you out. You can spruce up your style by dressing up appropriately for this festival. VeryMe is your place to go when you are unsure of the outfit you must adorn on this festival. Here are some exclusive styling tips just for you!

latest fashion clothing

1. A white crisp cotton kurti or kurta, has been dominating Holi festival since years. And this color has all the reasons to do so. The pristine shade of white highlights every color that you get smeared in. It displays the diverse and splendid essence of this Indian festival in the most beautiful way. So girls and guys, gear up and slip into a white cotton kurti or kurta and brace yourselves to showcase the incredible colors.

2. Yes, we have praised the shade of white above. But if you think that there is no reason to think beyond then behold. Holi is a festival of colors but that does not mean you have to play it all white. You can pick a colored kurti or a kurta, if you do not like to play colors. You can still be a part of the festival by cheering for your friends in traditional outfits.

3. Always give comfort the first preference. Especially girls! Always wear clothes that are neither clingy nor loose. Dress moderately as nobody would like to attract unwanted attention due to inappropriate dressing.

4. Floral print is the new fad this Holi Season. So you can also pick a nice and cute printed cotton dress if you do not wish to take part in playing colors. You can enjoy all the mouth-watering dishes and yummy desserts by keeping up with the latest style.

If you do not have the time to rush to a nearby store, open your laptop and visit our website. Here you can find plethora of choices and categories for both men and women. Now you can avail Flat 10% off on the entire range of the apparels at VeryMe. Also you can enjoy extra 20% off by using the Coupon Code- HOLI20. Hurry as the offer is limited till March, 20, 2017.

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